Nubian Chronicles Birth

Nubian Chronicles was born today, 11.11.2012. These pages will record the always extraordinary, often hilarious and sometimes harrowing adventures of Nubian², her skipper Larry Elliott, and various crew and other “characters” encountered from today through conclusion of her seven year – read never ending – circumnavigation beginning 5.2015. This voyage is dedicated to Robert (Robin) Knox Johnson, first man recorded to sail solo non-stop around the world in 4.1969. He has been an inspiration to me, and was single-handedly responsible for my day-dreaming away the entire eleventh grade of high school. Luckily, I awoke in time for graduation!

This website and blog were made possible by the generous and outstanding technical expertise of Amanda Stankiewicz, my daughter Camille’s friend. Amanda, see you off the Greek Isles!

Pictured on the opening page is a wall paper shot of Nubian², which I plan to purchase in 2013, commission and outfit in 2014, and weigh anchor from Baltimore harbor 5.2015. Prior to weighing anchor, I will have a bon voyage party at the Johns Hopkins Club for “several hundred” of my closest friends and family. Be there or be square!

Shown here is Nubian, my current vessel that I know and love. She has served me well and shared the sweet joy of all first love affairs. She will soon pass me  to a newer, but certainly not better love. And so I say, “Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilion? Fair Helen, make me immortal with a kiss”.


By the sixth grade I had read biographies of Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama, Leif Erickson,  Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Cortes, Coronado, Balboa,  Ponce De Leone, Pizarro, Hernando de Soto, Horatio Nelson, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry Hudson, Peter Stuyvesant, John Smith, Captain Cooke, Edward Teach (Blackbeard the pirate), Louis Joliet, Robert De La Salle, Champlain, Marquette, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, Lewis and Clarke, Matthew Henson, Robert Peary, John Paul Jones and others who sailed over the horizon to the ends of the earth. After reading Magellan, I knew I was a sailor in want of a ship. This voyage has been a lifetime in the making. I remember coming home from Polytechnic one afternoon in ’69 and leafing through National Geographic Magazine. There, I saw a photo of a man standing on a dock with a sailboat in the background. That man was Robert (Robin) Knox Johnson. He had just sailed around the world, alone! After reading the details of his circumnavigation, I said to myself, I am going to circumnavigate!  I have had few moments in life as clear as that moment. AND SO IT BEGINS!

Please take time to peruse the itinerary and feel free to join me when you can. I will sometimes be in need of crew (no experience required), and always in need of good company (experience a must) as I sail the seven seas. Pay particular note to the month of September when I will rent a house in various exotic locales. Space will be available in blocks of one week on a first come, first serve basis. I expect these to be popular vacation destinations as all expenses are paid except air fare. I will inform those who express  interest of exact locale and airport(s) at least six months prior to obtain the best air fares.

I will continually upgrade this site with bells, whistles, links, photos, your stories, my stories and some side-splitting humor as we move forward. Please respond to my blog postings through my e-mail and I will post your musings here. This will prevent spam and potentially inappropriate comments. Here is my visual imprimatur with contact information.

And so it begins. I look forward to hearing from old friends and making many new friends as years go by. Remember, the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. Enjoy it!

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